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Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm PST
and this technology leader and i'm curious about what is it inside you that drove you, that propelled you to keep learning and building and having optimism about your future and propelled you up the ranks? >> one thing that i learned by writing this book is that my hidden drive was to want to be somebody because when i was young, it was beaten in to my brain that i was nobody. and i didn't believe it. now, not going through k-12 education, not have teachers, hands around, i didn't know where to stop. it's not like you have a dream of being a doctor or lawyer or engineer. i just want to be somebody and i never arrived. it is kind of like life is a journey. i keep traveling. >> you know, ping, i look at your story and the hardship experienced growing up in china and obviously incredible success story in business over here and curious based on your perspective from your life, when you look at businesses in the united states, major companies in the united states, and the way that they use china, you know, to enhance their profits, think specifically of apple and the iphones made at foxconn in china a
Jan 22, 2013 12:00pm PST
. they have an academic program but they have a technological program and one of the programs they have deals with first responders, police and fire and others so this k5campus is one their campuses and a while back, not only having academic but they have vocational and opened up a beauty and barber and kind of system where people of that -- who want this kind of profession can be engaged. but it's a regular campus with students walking with books, backpacks, bicycles. it is a place for learning and i'm so sad, saddened this has happened. with respect to the gang violence, again, representations, leadership is hearing the same thing. but they have no final police conclusion or report that indicates to them what the reason or what the results or cause of this particular incident, except guns were fired more than one shot was fired and people have been injured. >> and congresswoman, to broaden the question, is there a history of gang-related activity or violence in the houston area more generally? >> we made great strides and interestingly enough, i was in a youth violence summit here on the hi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2